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Kiosk Services

A kiosk is your perfect information booth. Zeedia AR Kiosk is the new magic box, as we can enrich your booth with different interactivity features such as motion sensing, face tracking capabilities, and other interesting features. We can transform your usual, traditional kiosk to a catchy, ahead of time and interactive booth that will be the center of attention. We are your new gate to engage your brand with the customers in a unique way.

Ar/vr Mobile Solutions

Our AR mobile solutions will let users experience another new dimension of reality at the palm of their hands. By creating a unique experience for the users on their phones, they can view all the traditional ads in an interactive way. Our applications will empower your brand so that it can communicate interactively with your audience. No matter how large the scale can be, Zeedia’s tailored applications will be a turning point to your business.

Ar/vr Books

“Have you read the news?”, “No, I have been in touch with it”. With AR Books, reading is so much fun because you will no longer read but you will read interactively. While reading you can see a video, listen to a thematic music, have a voice over to the book’s crucial details, or have a 3D animated character talking to you. Now, reading a children storybook, booklet, and even newspapers will no longer be the same with augmented reality.

Ar/vr Attraction

Augmented Reality Attraction uses both software and hardware technology integration as a tool to deliver powerful message to the audience. By deploying AR attraction, you can create an always-on theme at your place, whether you are in a park, a museum, factory, or a historical place. With Zeedia’s AR attraction, you can have a built in AR theme that will create a fascinating experience for your clients.

4D Powered Ar/vr

4D represents an emerging major perimeter for brands, allowing them to create media that enters the environment of their audience with unprecedented impact and incomparable experience. Now you can engage your users in a physical 4D experience that they will never forget. Subscribe to Zeedia’s 4D powered solutions and craft a dazzling interactive 4D experience tailored to your brand.

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