AME Awards

Hive with Serviceplan ME Won 2 AME Awards for BMWi8 Challenge

Serviceplan Middle East bagged the only Gold Medallion in the Middle East region following the announcement of the 2016 winners of the international AME Awards for the World’s Best Advertising...

Rami serviceplane

عقد تعاون بين شركة اتش أي في اي للدعاية والإعلان وشركة سيرفس بلان الألمانية

قامت شركة اتش اي في إي للدعاية والإعلان بعقد اتفاق تعاون مع شركة سيرفس بلان الألمانية من أجل توسيع نشاطها في الشرق الأوسط.    وذلك وفقاً ليوم 15 من شهر...

Rami serviceplane

Hive - Serviceplan Agreement

Hive signs Cooperation Agreement with Serviceplan Middle East, expands operations in the Middle East   Cairo, 15 January 2016 – Hive Advertising LLC. Egypt recently announced further expansions from Egypt  into the Middle...

VOXELS Automotive Showreel 2016

VOXELS (Hive group member) is a a fully-integrated, highly creative and dedicated CGI, visual effects and full service post production company,  providing international excellence, innovation and expertise for the advertising, film and...

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Land Cruiser 2016 microsite

We were tasked to create unconventional user experience for the car fans, in addition to Land Cruiser 2016 competition. Users should register in the competition and answer number of questions...

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Land Cruiser 2016

The pride of the land is a Full CGI video produced by Hive Advertising Agency Egypt in co-operation with Omnia. The video presents a YT campaign for the new Land...

Vuforia Award

Vuforia Vision Award to LexusNX AR - App

Proud to announce that our LEXUS NX Augmented Reality App has won the Second award  in 2015 Vuforia Vision Award as a best Unity Developers' Choice, thanks to Hive Advertising team, Qualcomm committee and...

Zeedia ShowReel

Watch out the technologies our subsidiary Zeedia use to create a magical experience that can alter the usual way people used to see your product. In Zeedia, everything presents more...

AR News

Applying Augmented Reality technologies in publishing and advertising

Destination magazine turn theory into application through Zeedia AR solutions. AR technologies have been seen as a new trend in technological appliance, which is not common for all users. However,...

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Destination KSA App Launch

Zeedia has helped Destination magazines create a unique user experience by enabling AR technologies to their April issue. We created an Augmented Reality application called Destination KSA AR+ which will...

AR Pic

AR & Printed media

Augmented Reality, also known as AR, is a type of virtual reality that aims to enhance world's environment with digital information. An augmented reality system generates a composite view that blends the real scene...

BMWi8 1

BMW I8 Digital activation

 BMWKSA has trusted Zeedia with their digital activation to present the impossible, born electric I8 to the KSA market. So Zeedia answered their worthy trust by offering them a new...

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Lexus Digital Activation

We are proud to introduce you to our new subsidiaries - Zeedia – latest endeavors in AR and virtual solutions. Collaborating with Connect Ads and Lexus KSA, Zeedia has successfully...

Augmented reality in Hive’s lab

We are having fun with augmented reality; our talented developers have been playing around with Unity, Qualcomm Vuforia API, and Autodesk 3D Max to create cutting edges Augmented Reality Apps,...

Toyota KSA Youtube
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AL Borg Laboratories

AL Borg Laboratories

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ALJ League

ALJ Social Media Case studies


Apply for creative hive team Hive is always looking for resourceful and innovative individuals who can impress challenges. if you fit this description we invite you to apply. we believe...


Naeem Misr Fund A multimedia introduction about Naeem Misr Islamic Fund The animation shows the key information and advantages of the fund and call to action.

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Voting Center App for Facebook is one of the most customizable and easiest to use of the available options, attracting major corporate users. Ask multiple choices or free form questions...

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A guide for art related touristique places in Egypt. It’s database covers most of the Museums, art galleries, and culture centers All over Egypt. with a thorough information about each...

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TW’ Fetcher is Desktop Application Tracks HashTags on Twitter account. The application also Sorts Tracked HashTags according to Retweet and Favorites within the brand top followers. TW’ Fetcher Features: Grabs tweet based on different criteria...

Naeem Misr Fund Radio Ads

Naeem Misr Fund Radio Ads - soundcloud playlist


BillyBeez Dance Augmented Reality live-broadcast for billybeez KSA (Kids amusement parks), the show was executed in three different cities – Mecca, jeddah, ehssa – from the period of 13.06.2012 till...

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AloeDent … Your piece of nature Working alongside AloeDent Dental care KSA, we were commissioned initially to create just two print images for this campaign on behalf of SP Agency...

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AloeDent … Your piece of nature Working alongside AloeDent Dental care KSA, we were commissioned initially to create just two print images for this campaign on behalf of SP Agency...

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Kelo-cote campaign 2011 Concept / story Scars can often be the final reminders of a bad time in the life of a person’s skin. people are wondering, how to remove,...



 “Naeem Misr fund”- subject to the provisions of Islamic Law- is a joint investment base aims to allow all investors to participate in profits and loss , subject to the...