Lexus Digital Activation

We are proud to introduce you to our new subsidiaries - Zeedia – latest endeavors in AR and virtual solutions. Collaborating with Connect Ads and Lexus KSA, Zeedia has successfully been able to alter the usual perception of a showroom. Zeedia team of talented developers and 3D modelers have been tediously working on a tight frame to deliver the two application. Let us tell you more about what these two application can do.
First, Lexus NX Augmented Reality application, which is designed especially to make everywhere a Lexus NX showroom. Since any user can download the app and print the markers then he can view the full car and change its color, or interact with part of it i.e. open the NX’s doors, hood, trunk, or change the spare parts of the car while viewing the car in X-ray effect.  As for the NX test drive application, it provides the users with the ability to test drive the all new NX virtually in a game-like environment. Thus the two application together utilize the users’ experience, as they can have the car tailored to their own taste then they can experience the NX striking driving experience. All of the will result in an increase in the exposure for the all new NX, moreover it will position Lexus as a brand up to date with all the recent technologies.

Lexus KSA used the two application to present the All New NX to the Saudi market. In the event, the users were given the devices on which the apps are installed. The process was as follows; the users use the tablet given to them by Lexus team, then they are to walk among tables with the markers on top of it. Once they finish all the markers, they are to set on the all new NX driver chair and use the NX test drive on a wide screen. Now the users are eager to see the all new NX for real, and this is the final step of the process. Thus, after finishing the NX test drive the users were taking to a new hall where the striking NX resides.


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