Let us introduce B-scope. B-scope is an Egyptian company for constructing business. It offers a various number of services that include architecture consultancy, design, and management. B-scope hired us to create the company’s logo. They wanted a logo that reflects the core services of the company provides. The logo should also indicate the high quality services, professional solutions that they can drive to their clients.

Since we are mainly concerned with our clients’ satisfaction, we created a logo that not only fit their needs but also can give them exposure. Our team has come out with a futuristic design. We created an ideal logo with three simple structural blocks, one of these blocks is floating as an act of defying gravity. We also used a simple clean surface where the reflecting lights of the object can be clearly visible. The final icon reflects the structural and architectural idea with a contemporary touch. The whole logo is a refined work of art that presents B-scope services in a simple but creative way. Being successful at creating the company’s logo, we were also entitled to design the corporate’s identity suit for the brand.

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