Bmw I8 Launch

Hive new subsidiary Zeedia has helped BMWKSA in their launch event to present the born electric BMW I8 in a new way. 

BMWKSA has trusted Zeedia with their digital activation to present the impossible, born electric I8 to the KSA market. So we answered to their worthy trust by offering them a new solution to change the game like the I8 change the game in its class. The launch event is hosted by Mohamed Yousuf Nagi Motors, and it is being carried out in the 21th and the 22nd of February 2015.

We built a custom Augmented Reality application designed specifically to be used in the launch event. BMW I8 Augmented Reality application offers the people participating in the event a futuristic experience to view and interact with the born electric BMW I8. Through the app, they  will be able to learn, explore, and discover more about the I8. They can view the I8’s carbon fiber exterior. Additionally, they can see the I8’s luxurious interior in a 360-panorama view. Using the application will give them the chance to interact with the I8 on different levels, since they can open the I8’s spectacular scissor doors, turn on and off the I8’s LED headlights and change the I8 color. The application also enables them to share the I8 with others by either sharing it on different Social media channels, or sending it by Email.

Watch the app in action.

Powered by Zeedia.

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