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Do and partners is an international financial consultancy company in UK(Told you we went groovy). Do and partners has hired us to design a logo with the purpose of reflecting the importance of the company and the quality of the services they can provide. At hive, we are concerned with the client’s needs and the targeted fans. After a close look in the British history and culture, we found out that the British people are artful. That’s why we decide to insert a historical touch and merge it with modern approach to create a remarkable logo.

We have selected the icon of a lion to be the main focus of the logo. The icon is symbolic since it gives a sense of power and authority and also it alludes to the renaissance period in the British history when the lion icon was commonly used in seals. We then put the silhouette symbol in a contemporary design with modern construction and typography. That’s to say that we merged the past with the present to highlight the Do and Partners services and importance. Using the same elements we created the company’s identity suit, giving the company unique characteristics. 

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