“FBB from scratch to the final cut”, this was Hive’s team mission. First let us tell you more about FBB. Fruit and beverage boutique or FBB is a holding company that provides a vast range of food and beverage services. We managed it, from naming to store presentation, Hive skillful team has worked like magic for FBB. First we conducted a meticulous market research to find a suitable naming strategy that will fit our client’s needs. With our extensive understanding of the competitive landscape and the needs of the market, we successfully came out with the naming strategy of FBB. We breathe life into a sub-product called “Frutique” following the same techniques.

Creating the corporate identity was one of the responsibility hive had to shoulder. Our talented team managed to create a logo concept that worked in accordance with the diversity of the served products. We created a flexible, colorful logo so that it can fit the different product types. We also created a state of the art stationary guide with a strong, contemporary corporate design, and identity guidelines to serve as the brand manual for communication.

Also we have managed to create the first FBB store presentation covering its various products such as the bakery section, dairy sections, juice section and the restaurant area. It is noteworthy that we have carried out the FBB’s mission as true bees, and we have been the road to Damascus for FBB.

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