I8 Challenge

The objective is to develop a full dynamic web application using Html technology. While promoting BMW entity through the design look and feel as well as through user experience and engagement within the website. The idea behind the website is to engage more users and spread the awareness about BMW i8 in MENA. The website functions as small factory in which the I8 is being manufactured.

We created the web application from scratch to the final cut. Since we successfully built the HTML layout (web Design) for the application, and we also carried out the task of developing the dynamic website and it was developed responsively to make it easier for mobile phone users to have access to the challenge. We also came up with the equation on which the participants score is counted. Besides building the website front end, we also built a customized back-end for BMW Staff to be able to filter participants and users according to the rewards criteria, and we linked the back end to a database that will save the users’ emails to make it easy for BMW webmasters to communicate with the winners.

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