Interactive Keynote Presentation

Mars Egypt wanted to present their success story and the potentialities Mars can unlock in other markets. We thought with the amount of statistics and ready-made information a simple keynote presentation won’t meet the client’s main objectives which were creating a presentation catchy and interesting. So we held a comprehensive meeting with the client to better understand the nature of the presentation and the core message behind it.

Upon finishing the meeting, we had an internal brainstorming session and we came up with the game theme. We thought it will be a good idea to present how Mars staff have been able to achieve regardless of the obstacles they always faced. So the idea had been presented to the client and they were pleased with it. So once we received the approval we worked on enhancing the idea, so we decided that besides having the gaming theme, we created an animated video to introduce the whole idea from the beginning, then we employed short animated cuts to introduce the theme of each section of the presentation. Once, we finished the video cuts and keynote presentation, came the task of finding a name for the whole presentation to strength the idea. With lots of consultation between our team and the client’s, we came up with “Heroes of Mars” as a name of the game, and we also enriched it with a logo that visually reflected the overall theme. 

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