Kickstart Vr App

Concept: “Feel the power”

PepsiCo has launched its new Product Mountain Dew “Kickstart”; an energy drink with flavors that include: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural flavors, caffeine, vitamins and minerals. This drink motivates mental alertness and increases energy level to start your day. Having a good quality product definitely needs to be marketed in a way that reflects why consumers shall try it. From this point, Hive role has started. As we always offer a consultancy service, our creative team has come up with an innovative VR “Virtual Reality” experience. BY wearing The VR glasses, users feel the energy and power of this product in a ski diving experience. They are able to fly, watching the colorful Kickstart cans surrounding them. The main goal of the app, is to make users feel the energy after the experience and be motivated to buy the product.

Discover the whole experience by following this link:

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