Mahmood Alshangiti Law Office

Mahmood AlShangiti is one of the highly respected lawyers in Saudi Arabia. He received the license for practicing the profession of law in Saudi Arabia from the Ministry of Justice, and then he established his office on 2005 and now there are 5 branches around the kingdom which are Jeddah as the main office – Riyadh – Madinah – Yanbu – Jubail. Mahmood AlShangiti thought about a digital online presentation for his office, so he asked us to create a contemporary website that reflects the law office main values and mission.

We created a modern web design to display what the law office can offer its clients. We also included an “our team” page that presents the law office team in a fashionable yet formal way to show the clients how creditable the law office staff is. Additionally, we built the website responsively to enhance the users’ experience and to allow them to view the website on different devices.

Our creative web designs for Mahmood AlShangiti law office has been received with much appeal. Thus, Mahmood AlShangiti asked us to create a brochure for the office that will present the staff and the law office in a modern way without neglecting the core values of the office. We created an attractive brochure, which is echoing the website in terms of color and Look & feel, to strength the office position.

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