Mas Chemicals

MAS is a large company known for its great chemical products. We have been hired by MAS to design and develop a website that highlights its importance and intensify its position as one of the leading chemical producers in Egypt. We created a modern design breathing to it the corporate feel and touch. The design worked in accordance with the color coding of the corporate.

We employed a fully dynamic HTMAL 5 and CMS (WordPress) with a customizable template to suit the client’s needs. We also gave the client a full control over content of the website. The website was created to be responsive, that’s why the website adapts to any screen resolution providing mobile users with the chance to view the website effectively. We also added some amazing features like SEO (search engine optimization). We have also added other features like social media coding to facilitate file and content sharing on all social media platforms. We breathed life into a full dynamic website that will help MAS gen more exposure.

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  MAS for petrochemical products
  Website design and Development
  MAS for petrochemical products


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  •   Website Design
  •   Responsive Web Design
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