Na2Ebat Masr

Hive LLC has honored to work with one of the most influential governmental institutes in Egypt “The National Council for Women”. The council is known for its aims to carry out the various social forces and orientations devoting their efforts to human development purposes to achieve the principles of humanity including: Freedom, dignity and social justice. They do believe that the Council’s vision should be guided by these principles, that’s why they have asked Hive consultative team to create a website and social media campaign to support women candidates in the parliamentary elections 2015 and to create a rich source that can raise women awareness and knowledge in the different aspects and especially on the political level.

The website was precisely designed and created to fit our client’s needs. Hence, they wanted to improve user experience, we have provided the website with an interactive animated layout. We have also applied the flash action script with HTML so as to work effectively on any device. Therefore, we manages to create a code that can detect the platform and work with it accordingly. Our developers have also added some amazing features like SEO (search engine optimization). We have also applied other features such as: Social media coding to facilitate file and content sharing on all social media platforms. We also created some amazing forms to meet our client’s objectives.

On the same direction, comes the social media campaign purposes. Many of the web users will look towards social media channels when searching or looking up a piece of information. As a result, smart organizations are looking for an intelligent way to create and manage their social media platforms efficiently. NCW has hired us to create social media channels on Facebook and twitter entitled “Na2ebatMasr”. This is to support the women candidates in the elections and spread awareness. In the first two month our fans have reached 200k, we are still gaining more and more. 

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