Naeem Holding

Naeem Holding is one of our mighty clients with a vast ranges of products and subsidiaries. NAEEM Group is among the region’s leading investment houses, offering a comprehensive suite of financial services to major MENA-based investors while acting as the broker for foreign institutional clients seeking to invest in the region’s capital markets. The Group currently has a physical presence across Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

We were hired to design and develop Naeem Holding website. We managed to design the website, giving special attention to the company’s subsidiaries. We employed these subsidiaries to function as a mini website within the holding website.

Since Naeem Holding is a chief entity in the financial market place, we created a design with a contemporary look to fit the company’s main objectives, the design was made to help Naeem’s client repositioning to the company smoothly. We held our client’s needs before our eyes, that why we have given them full control over the website so that they can control what to be written or removed on the website. Also we employed the dynamic HTML 5 with CMS (wordpress) to make that task easy as pie for the client. The website then was customized to fit any screen resolution, that’s to say the website is accessible via Mobile devices.

As the main site of the holding company, the site has to endure a lot of traffic and inquiries from the subsidiary sites. So we designed the site with a lot of amazing feature, the site can handle any database entry request. Also the site is customized to work efficiently with VIP sections created for specific clients, also the clients are provided with a password protection. So the holding company’s website acted a vessel to all these task.

Due to the delicate nature of our client’s business, we have created the website with the highest security measures to ensure the maximum level of protection for all the clients’ data. We also added some amazing features like SEO (search engine optimization). We have also added other features like social media coding to facilitate file and content sharing on all social media platforms. We also created some amazing forms to suit our client’s needs.

 NAEEM wanted to create an advertising campaign to increase awareness of the brand and further engage more customers, with a highlight to a new way of investing with 0% risk, Hive Advertising has come up with the “0%” concept with stunning visuals to communicate with the customers in no time. As a result of the tedious effort of Hive’s team, we as advertising bees breathe life to the brand. This campaign was booming and successful.

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  Naeem Holding
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  Naeem Holding


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