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Naeem misr fund is a subservient to Naeem holding. Naeem Misr fund is an Islamic fund which considers the Islamic binding rules in trading. The fund has been up and running since 2010.

We have been hired to create a website that allude to the fund’s Islamic identity. That’s to say that we were tasked to not only create a website specifically for Naeem Misr fund with its Islamic insights, but also to draw it in accordance with the holding. Hence, we designed a contemporary website to the fund giving it a new feel and touch without neglecting the important characteristics of the holding company. Being the entity that designed the corporate’s logo, identity, and tag line we have been able to control all the design perspectives of the entire company.

 The website was meticulously designed and created to fit our client’s needs. Since they wanted to enhance user experience, we provided the website with an interactive animated layout. We also employed the flash action script with HTML so as to work efficiently on any device. Therefore, we manages to create a code that can detect the platform and work with it accordingly. We also added some amazing features like SEO (search engine optimization). We also added other features like social media coding to facilitate file and content sharing on all social media platforms. We also created some amazing forms to suit our client’s needs.

We also created a multimedia introduction about Naeem Misr Islamic Fund. The animation in the vedio shows the key information and advantages of the fund and imply the idea of  call to action. We also created stunning radio ads for them to grasp mor attention towards their 35% annual profit. Our ads implicitly applied the idea of call to action, and also the draw the attention to Naeem Misr as a fund that works in accordance with the Islamic rules.

These are the radio ads made for Naeem Misr Fund:


this is the video we have made for Naeem Misr Fund:


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