Nissan Infiniti Interactive Launch “Touch Screen App”

Hive bees have introduced Nissan Infiniti to the international market in an innovative interactive launch, with a clear aim to highlight Nissan Infiniti powerful features. Our fruitful brain storming sessions have come up with the idea of a “touch screen app” in which two users can play and experience the game together at the same time. The hypothesis behind the game is not only to entertain users, but also to build a relation between customers’ positive characteristics and the car features. Two users stand in front of a touch screen, the car parts will pop up on the screen such as: the gear stick, the tires, indicators, accelerators, seats, side mirrors, etc. Each part appears with some personal characteristics e.g. flexible, cautious, open, adventurous, etc. User chooses the part that reflects his/her personality and points on another part that suits his/her partner. Then, the result will appear on the screen and they can share it on their emails by just swiping the bracelets.

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