In a nutshell, Oxen is a specialized company for Chemical Trading, it is a subsidiary of Mas for chemical productions. Oxen industry has a big name to it, and we have been tasked to breathe life into the Company’s logo. Our client wanted a logo that can reflect the history and importance of the whole company. They wanted a logo that can highlight the company’s role as one of the best chemical producers in Egypt. Moreover they wanted us to design a logo that can reinforce the company’s position among other competitors.

As we are advertising bees, we worked out an all the rage logo. The logo idea is taken from nature.  We created a strong bull figure in dynamic motion pushing a bold “O”. The logo presented the dynamically strong motion in the color coding that the company wanted to maintain. We also decorated the tail of the bull with Fire. By implementing the element of fire, we deliberately linked between Oxen and its holding company. That’s to say that we successfully kept the harmony and consistency between the subsidiary company (Oxen) and the holding company (MAS Chemicals). We also succeed in creating the corporate’s identity, and we hatched the full identity of the identity from scratch.

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