Sahara Net

Around 46% of web users will look towards social media when making a purchase. So most successful companies are looking for a smart way to create and manage their Social media platforms efficiently and effectively. Well, that smart, efficient, and effective way is Hive. As a proof of our excellent services, we have been hired by Sahara Net to design and manage their social media channels. First of all let us give you a quick heads up about Sahara Net. Sahara Net is the best ISP in Saudi Arabia. They hired us to create social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for the company. The Channels were designed according to the brand corporate identity to maintain the coherence of all channels to promote Sahara Net as one strong brand entity.

In the first month Facebook fans reached 8K and 8k followers on Twitter, 800 followers in LinkedIn and 16 followers on google+. We are still acquiring more and more numbers in each channel.

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