Sas Egypt

SAS Egypt is a fashion apparel and accessories importer and distributor, working within a large umbrella group of companies with various activities. SAS Egypt works with a lot of worldwide brands such as Terranova, La senza, Vincci, and Calliopi, and they also have JB.

We were hired to create and develop a contemporary design for SAS website. The website is supposed to be the welcoming gate for SAS clients. The website should intensify the company’s image and importance as a specialized company in fashion and style. So we created a modern and eloquent website in accordance with the objectives set forth by the client.

Since the website will serve as SAS online virtual store. We enhanced the website using HTML 5 and CMS (wordpress) backend. We also made the website customizable to suit the client’s needs. It’s noteworthy that the website is compatible to any mobile device, allowing for a better user experience.

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