Toyota Camry 2016

Neither working with Omnia nor Toyota is new to us, since we have previously worked with them on many projects. The new thing though about this project is that we cooperated with Omnia to create a TV and online commercial to introduce the all new Toyota Camry 2016 to the Saudi market. Once we have been introduced to the idea, we immediately held a brainstorming session to see how we can present the car in a unique way. We have come up with the idea of a “keep them thinking”, the core behind the idea is that we will dived the commercial into two parts. The first part main essence is to keep the viewers engaged and thinking, and the second part is where we can give them the answer that will ease their minds.

The idea and the two parts concepts were accept and approved and then came the execution of the ideas. We then wrote the teaser script, and we carried out the teaser shooting, VO implementation, directing, color correction, and montaging. As for the revealer, we carried out the 3D modeling of Toyota Camry with the revealer needed animation, we also were responsible for the background music selection, editing, and direction.

The whole advert is now online, and it has been very effective in terms of engaging people and keeping them entertained while promoting and introducing the new Camry 2016.

Watch the teaser

Watch the revealer

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