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Many corporates make online questionnaires but they find it hard to track down voting rates and numbers. At Hive, we creatively developed a voting application called “Voting Center”. Voting Center is a Facebook application which is considered as one of the most customizable and user-friendly application. Voting Center application has many valuable features which make it exquisite. With this application you will be able to ask multiple choices or free form questions with images, without questions or answers limit. The application is 100% mobile devices compatible, thus users can participate using any device that runs a browser. This application gives the users the ability to invite their friends and share the poll on their walls. One of Voting Center’s amazing features is its ability to give detailed results with user-friendly tables, charts, and graphs. This application can help choose a winner randomly if you are using it to run a competition.

This sounds good theoretically, but has anyone used this app? Or has it claimed any good reputation from being actually applied? We guess many would ask these questions, to rest all your inquiries assured. This app has been used with one of our clients and acquired a great reputation and a lot of people fell in love with it.

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