Zewail City

Zewail City wanted to promote the City with the rebranding of the cooperate identity and to create a Creative campaign to tackle their niche positioning as an academic institute with highest standards available. Hive designed the creative campaign with the following core message “Rising Sun of the Future” with the aim to reflect the great value of Zewail city, the message is driven from one of the most important elements of ancient Egyptian civilization; the sun, which is considered by the Egyptians as a great symbol of growth, wisdom, knowledge and life in general.

We attached the sun with knowledge because it joins scientific and technological concepts together, moreover it forms different and innovative horizons of knowledge which will exist within the walls of "Zewail City for Science and Technology".

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  Zewail City
  Zewail City


Project Features

  •   Branding
  •   Creative
  •   Advertising Campaign
  •   Concept Creation