Who we are

We are Hive Innovative Group, a multi-award winning digital agency for online communication and digital services. We transform companies & brands by providing adaptive, innovative and creative solutions powered by the newest technological tools. Since technology is limitless, so is our imagination and capabilities. This philosophy has made us one of the fastest-growing agencies in the region.
As technology is the application of science for practical purposes. We tend to use all the attractive technological activations that grab the attention of the audience, to approach the public in a way that goes beyond traditional advertising. We depend on a wide range of technological means including virtual, augmented and mixed reality techniques, holograms, 3D animations. In addition to social media and production services.

We create a real customer experience that people would enjoy, through which we broadcast the products and services of our clients. An experience that allows the users to understand the brand message directly through their interaction with digital elements as if they belong to the real scene. It is like killing two birds with one stone: We leave the audience with an unforgettable experience while drawing their attention to a specific product. Advertising is all about fun, but with Hive the pleasure is doubled!
Our main strength is our teamwork aspect. We are a team of many artists and scientists gathered in one space, working in perfect harmony to create a piece of art presented in the most innovative and trendy way. Our spirit and the inspiring atmosphere are our assets. This empowers us to combine what we love the most: Art & Science, bringing the digital world a step further.

Our Story

Our story has begun in 2010, written by digital-driven storytellers: Our passionate team. We have become one of the most recognized, owner-managed, agency groups in Egypt and the Middle East. Through the years, we kept on proving our brilliance in developing innovative solutions; creating a fully integrated digital group model in the MENA region.
Two years later, by 2012 we had successfully ventured into the growing digital market and had adjusted the needs of the future in the field of CG, making Hive one of the first communication agencies to do so. Today, the journey continues with two new companions: the corporate brands ZEEDIA and VOXELS. Both are ranking among the market leaders in their respective competitive fields, which marks a valuable addition to our group. Together, all Hive group companies at our offices in Cairo and Dubai work regularly creating award-winning projects nationally and worldwide.


We are not satisfied with doing the bare minimum. We always strive to raise the bar: be it the bar of our team’s creativity and skills, or the bar of digital advertising. With our user-centric approach, we transform our clients’ imagination into tangible and logical outcomes, tailored to the uniqueness of their products. Our goal is to empower our clients with results-oriented creative solutions, to deliver products and services that elevate their digital presence while creating transformational business growth for our clients.


Changing the game is our plan for the future. We aim to change people’s mindset regarding digital advertising by offering not just creative but also smart and beyond the box solutions, customized to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our main objective is to contribute to pushing the boundaries and consequently changing the future of advertising through technology and creativity.

Hive Innovative Group | Digital Marketing And Advertising Agency in Egypt

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Our projects got recognized worldwide for both its creative content and its innovative applications, here are some of the awards we claimed these past few years.

design rush logo
top company in Best Creative Agencies 
Hive Awards BESTCSS Site of the day
“Site Of The Day” 
Hive Presentation 2018 - AME Award - Hive Innovative Group
BMW i8 challenge Microsite
Hive Presentation 2018 - Hive Innovative Group
Unity Developer’ Choice Runner up Award
Lexus NX AR App
Hive Presentation 2018 - Innovation OPT
MENA 2016

Listerine VR Experience
Hive Presentation 2018 - Comprex Award
Communication  Award

Amgen Interactive Holoscreen