Apply for creative hive team

Hive is always looking for resourceful and innovative individuals who can impress challenges. if you fit this description we invite you to apply.
we believe in talent. We believe that if you get the right bunch of people in a room, you can tackle practically any challenge.
We believe that attitude is more important than experience.We believe that positivity is infectious and that cynicism is a self-fulfilling prophesy.Hive is always interested in new talent.If you have the qualities listed here, don’t be afraid to demonstrate that to us.


Great People’ is one of the two fundamental tenets of our strategy. So, we try and build an environment where people can come and do the best work of their careers. We respect each other,we push each other to do better work, we support each other and we contribute. In return, the company offers fair remuneration, better than average holidays and the space and support to pursue personal passion projects. Every now and then comes an opportunity to create something out of the ordinary. Once we identify this opportunity, the entire company will rally around to achieve that goal. And we all share the glory.