Home is where your heart is!

Germany is rich in beautiful places. Places where we feel home, where we feel comfortable and inspired. Points of view that we discover a new. Together with nutella, we have put 15 of them on the 750g city love special edition nutella jars, and shown people Germany through the eyes of nutella.

HIVE Innovative Group UAE together with AD&VISION Germany, we believe that everything starts with curiosity. That’s why we asked ourselves how we manage to show people how Germany is diverse, beautiful and interesting. With nutella, we wanted to show that you can always rediscover your own city. And to create perspectives that encourage you to go out into the world with your eyes wide open. So the idea was quickly formed:
“We bring Germany’s favourite places of the most popular cities to the breakfast table, to ensure with nutella a perfect morning, a good mood and a great start of the day”

Design. Design. Design.

It is a development process to achieve a good result. That’s why it’s usually not the first draft that stands. A few drops of sweat and heart’s blood flowed until the jars were in the stores all over Germany as they look and made the country a big favourite space. The result is something to be proud of. A collection of 15 inspiring motifs that presents Germany’s most beautiful cities from unusual angles.

Here cosmopolitan metropolises mixed with natural beauty and regional cultures.
The nutella cities-love edition generated a high level of buying interest not only among fans of individual cities but also each jar was an original souvenir to bring home and give away. The colourful basis was in place. After that, the adaptation to all means of communication for POS and digital channels was only a minor art.

Our favourite place: the POS!

A coherent and attention-grabbing POS implementation is the be- all and end-all for sales. This is not so easy in the jungle of the presentation area. you have to stand your ground next to many other brands and promotions. For us, the central role for the display design was the theme of the whole of Germany, which we covered via the map of Germany and thus created not only individual, but national relevance. And that excited the consumers. So enthusiastic, in fact, that in some cities the motif for the city in question was soon no longer available. Good for nutella, a pity for many an enthusiastic fan.

Elevating the customer experience: augmented reality.

How do you make nutella fans excited about the nutella cities love edition right at the breakfast table? Quite simply, you write everything there is to say on the jar. Or you use a QR code on the jar and create a new morning dimension of information and entertainment for users.

Scan the QR code on the promotional glass with your smartphone.

Follow instructions and place glass on a surface.

Discover AR experience.

The nutella Städteliebe website was the stage for interaction with users. Here it quickly became clear that something bigger was starting with the nutella Städteliebe edition. Because now it was the fans’ turn to go out and put their own favorite places on the nutella jar and in the Städteliebe gallery.

Wonderland Web

To do this, users uploaded their own photo, edited it in the editor and added the required details of the names – that of the city from which the photo came and their own. After confirming the preview, the user sent his nutella city love jar into the approval loop. He was informed by mail about the approval. This added another nutella city love jar with a new user motif to the gallery of the most beautiful favorite places. On the strongest days there were over 2,000 contributions. And there was a reason for that, because nutella celebrated the users’ efforts with real nutella uniques. Every week there were there are 111 x high-quality, personalized poster prints with your own nutella city love jar and your own name to win.
And the main prize at the end of the campaign was 11 x brilliant breakfast experiences – with the nutella city love food truck, in your own city.
At the start of the campaign, the gallery consisted of the 15 favorite nutella jars. In the end, there were almost 15,000 collected contributions from nutella fans from almost every place in Germany. It was only with the help of the users that it became clear how diverse and fascinating our cities are after all – especially when seen through the eyes of nutella. The user’s own journey through these many favorite places was quite simple. Because a map of Germany divided into regions and supplementary input filters made it possible to explore each captured city with just a few tabs and swipes.

View into the engine room

For the user, an attractive platform to participate, for us and our customer a secure management tool and a source of valuable insights. In the backend, we filtered submissions that did not comply with the rules, communicated with users and generated automatic reports on the site’s performance. The jury tool was used to mark and pre-select submitted entries, and the so-called winner tool generated the 111 winners of the personalized poster with their own motif every week at the push of a button. And its print template, because the tool also handled the creation of the printable data fully automatically. This backend is a real gift when it comes to minimizing sources of error and ensuring a smooth process. Another gift – just for our fans – is the photo filter we developed ourselves.

What a world without filters?

A life without Instagram or Facebook? Hard to picture in today’s world. So it was a no-brainer to create something that adds new perspectives and joy to your mobile screen. That’s why we developed the Nutella Citylove photo filter for Instagram and Facebook, making it easy to wish someone from your own city a good morning and a great start to the day.”


  • Client: Nutella Germany
  • Agency: AD&VISION GmbH Germany
  • 3D Production, AR & Software solutions: HIVE Innovative Group UAE