Destination KSA AR+ Application

Hive Innovative Group was honoured to create and develop the first augmented reality magazine in MENA. together with Destination KSA (Riyadh and Jeddah) we have managed to transform the printed magazine into an entertaining and amusing digital experience using our unique AR+ App, readers just need to scan a QR code to install the AR+ App once and enjoy an amazing interactive experience for ever!
  • Augmented Reality Mobile App
  • Destination
  • Saudi Arabia
  • YEAR
  • 2017
DESTINATION KSA AR APPLICATION - Hive Innovative Group - Digital Advertising Agency
update your reality - Hive Innovative Group - Digital Advertising Agency
  • Many people in MENA have not seen AR accompanied with printed media. Here comes Zeedia’s role with our recent collaboration with Destination Jeddah and Destination Riyadh magazines, we have agreed to develop an application entitled Destination KSA. The application main purpose is to position Destination magazines as the first AR enabled magazines in MENA. Destination KSA enables users to display digital content on the usual printed papers they read. Therefore, users cannot only read an article with a certain picture but also they can watch a video, listen to a sound or view a gallery
  • All you have to do in order to take part of this impressive experience is to download the application; by using the QR code, the download links on the website or by searching for the application on smartphone stores. Then install and open the application, and point the camera to the page with the AR+ icon and experience the magic.
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