Fresh Food Market

Al-Mansour Holding Company for Financial Investments wanted to create an e-commerce platform for their Fresh Food Market retail that could do both: promote their business online to expand their customer base, as well as help their loyal customers enjoy their shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes.
Our expert hivers succeeded in delivering an online platform that is outstanding to represent the luxury of Fresh Food Market and is user-friendly to ease the shopping experience for their customers. In addition to, the website includes the latest news and events done by the market and all the locations of the market to select your nearest shop. Another interesting feature in the website is that it posts videos for chefs cooking some of their delicious recipes with the recipe description available with each video and all the ingredients included. Accordingly, you can easily choose your favorite recipe and the ingredients will be delivered to you so you enjoy cooking it!
  • Web App
  • Al-Mansour Holding Company
  • Destination
  • YEAR
  • 2019
  • Hivers doing their thing right
  • Our team of skilled developers was able to create a top-notch website with an Angular 8 front-end and Node Js back-end. In addition to, dynamic content that could be easily changed based on the behavior, preferences and interests of the user. Moreover, the website is linked to a mobile application that is designed as a progressive web app i.e. an application that could function even while you are offline.
  • Reaching out for more
  • This website marks the first online presence for Fresh Food Market that is linked to the social media platforms of the retail. Resulting in expansion of the consumer base of the business through reaching out more customers that enjoy online shopping, in addition to serving the current loyal customers.
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  • FFM
  • Client
  • Al-Mansour Holding Company
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  • Hive Innovative Group
  • Creative Development
  • Hive Innovative Group
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