🎤 🔥 Glitch جليتش Commercial Music Video 🔥 🎤

Welcome to the world of “Glitch جليتش”, our innovative commercial music video project that masterfully blends Arabic rap, Gamefiction, and compelling storytelling. This collaborative effort between Hive Innovative Group, Klash Jeddah, and LikeCard serves as an extension of our Ramadan TV commercial and showcases our dedication to breaking creative boundaries and championing exceptional talent in the industry.

More than just a music video, “Glitch جليتش” represents a unique fusion of music, visual art, and storytelling, offering an immersive and captivating experience for viewers. The project brought together a diverse team of creatives, including Creative Director & Storyteller Sameh Eltawil, Music Artist Klash Jeddah, and our Production Company Hive Innovative Group, working alongside our client, LikeCard.
Experience the captivating journey of “Glitch جليتش” by watching the full music video here. We hope you enjoy this immersive musical journey as much as we relished in creating it.
For more information about the “Glitch جليتش” project or to discuss potential collaborations, please get in touch at info@hive-ad.com.
We eagerly look forward to presenting more innovative and captivating projects in the future.

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  • 3D Visualization, Video Installation & Animation
  • Event
  • Seamless Middle East 2023
  • Destination
  • UAE
  • YEAR
  • 2023


Creative Agency: Hive Innovative Group; Creative Director /Storyteller: Sameh Eltawil; Director: Abdulrahman Hamad;Production: Wave Production; Starring: Klash, Ahmed AbuElnasr (Nayif), Shahinda Shain (Reem); Cinematographer:Mohamed Tarek Deraz; Executive Producer: Sherif Elhossiny;Producer: Tamer Elhossiny; Head of Production: HassanElebrashy; Director’s Producer: Shahd Harash; Art Director: RanaTarek; Graphic Design: Ahmed Abdou; Stylist: Abeer Ansary;Wardrobe: Refaat Abd Haleem; 1st Assistant Director: Talal AbdAlghany; 2nd Assistant Director: Habiba; 3rd Assistant Director:Yehya; Freefly Operator: Mohamed Lababidy; Focus Puller:Mohamed Saber; Gaffer: Qeshta; Grip: Hussen Hamdy;Production Team: Shady Alaa, Saad Rady, Omar Khairy, YousefTarek, Galal Saber; Location Manager: Mohamed Feshawy; LineProducer: Ahmed Alsayed; Editor: Kamal Elmalakh; AssistantEditor: Karim; Post Producer: Jazz Film; Colorist: The PostBrothers; Casting: Alien Casting; SFX Makeup: Main: Islam Alex,Zombie: Islam Salama & Fezy; SFX Team: Zeinab Gamal,Hussen Jamika, Mohamed Checko, Adel Ramdan, FesalAhmed; Zombie Makeup Team: Wael Abu Rea, Mostafa Arby,Ahmed Fezy, Ahmed Alaa, Amr Kny; Makeup: MahmoudMorshed, Moustafa Ebrahem; Hair Stylist: Joe Dahab; VFX Team:Squid VFX – Remon Raafat, Omar Najib, Yousef Mahmoud;Compositing Supervisor: Mohamed Ezat; Director of Photography:Omar Salah; Aliens Casting: Mostafa El Hawary, Mostafa Ofaa,Ahmed Ezz; Caravans: Walid El-Rees, Mohamed El-Rees;Operation Management: Wasal El-Rees; Wardrobe Provider:Refaat Abdel Hakim; Production: Ahmed Abdel Halim; Stylist andCostume Designer: Abeer Ansary, Wardrobe: Refaat AbdHaleem; Gaffer Light: Ahmed Gomaa; Lighting Master: MahmoudSaroukh; Lighting Technicians: Hassan Mohamed, OsamaRashdy, Bilal Al-Rifai, Mahmoud Samak, Mahmoud Shkokou;Executive Director: Talal Abd Elghany; Assistant Directors: RahafAhmed Adel, Yehia Farag; Claquet: Mohamed Ahmed AbdelGhaffar; Photography and Making: Mohamed Neshat; Music videoaudio team: Audio Producer: AMARAP; Composer: Ibrahim Awad;Mix and Master: The Way Studio; Audio Production Management:Badran Ramadan; Commercial Ad Music: Shasho; Sound Design:Garage Studio – Hosny Aly.

  • Client
  • LikeCard UAE
  • Booth Design & Execution
  • Hive Innovative Group UAE
  • Creative Director
  • Sameh El Tawil
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