Hive @ Seamless Middle East 2023

In the heart of the buzzing Dubai World Trade Center, amidst a sea of innovation and cutting-edge tech, LikeCard UAE etched its mark with an extraordinary presence at Seamless Middle East 2023. This is a tale of vision, design, and exceptional results – the story of LikeCard’s journey to becoming the number one eCard platform in the Middle East.

LikeCard dream is straightforward yet bold: to keep its position as the number one eCard platform in the Middle East. To bring this vision to life and increase their brand equity, they needed an exhibition booth that would truly stand out. A booth that was not just an exhibition space, but a testament to their commitment to innovation, design, and their users.

  • 3D Visualization, Video Installation & Animation
  • Event
  • Seamless Middle East 2023
  • Destination
  • UAE
  • YEAR
  • 2023

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  • Client
  • LikeCard UAE
  • Booth Design & Execution
  • Hive Innovative Group UAE
  • Creative Director
  • Sameh El Tawil
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