Having been completely satisfied with our services in the past, El-Araby came back for more. This time they wanted us to create an unconventional on ground activation for their electric water heater “Tornado” that educates consumers about their product in a new and engaging manner.
We decided we were going to create an edgy V.R cycling game, and place it in some of Egypt’s most visited malls. In this cycling experience two contestants can ride on a real stationary bicycle, put on their V.R headsets, and race against one another in the virtual world. Whoever drives his bike the fastest, will be able to fill their water heater with hot water first, and win the contest. This experience highlights one of Tornado’s most unconventional key features, which is its ability to rapidly heat water.
  • Creative Concept, Art Direction, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation and Unity Development
  • El Araby Group
  • Destination
  • Cairo, Egypt.
  • YEAR
  • 2017
Hive Tornado - Hive Innovative Group - Advertising Agency
Hive Tornado Gallery
  • The technology that blew them away
  • Hive’s team of skilled game developers was able to create top-notch sensors that can detect the real life motion of the bicycle wheel. This motion can then be translated in the V.R game into speed, and then from speed to distance-converting motion and movement from our world to the virtual world.
  • The aftermath
  • Our client was-once again-more than pleased with Hive’s innovation, and how we’ve managed-one more time-to push the envelope, and create a unique gaming experience, but El-Araby wasn’t the only party to have been left with a smile on their face. Participants and players all over Egypt gave amazing feedback about our V.R bicycling game as well, stating how fun-to-play the game was, and how the experience has left them with more than just education about the product.
Hive Tornado galary
tornado client - Hive Innovative Group - Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency
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  • Brand
  • Tornado
  • El Araby Group
  • CG
  • Hive innovative group
  • creative Dvelopment
  • Hive Innovative Group
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