Two partners collaborating to launch a new sports’ equipment business in Dubai. They needed to have a unique brand identity for their business and accordingly wanted to create online brand awareness through a website that represents this identity.
Our Hivers came up with the name IbKa derived from the ancient Egyptian language —Ib for heart and Ka for soul— i.e. the collaboration of heart and soul. It also implies the partnership between two partners. Moreover, our Hivers succeeded in developing and designing a website that matches the same values and goals of this business in order to represent their corporate identity efficiently.
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  • 2018
  • How Hivers did it
  • The website is designed to be responsive to detect the visitor's screen size and orientation, and change the layout accordingly. Moreover, the website is dynamic to allow the client to control the content and post new updates to the website in an easy manner.
  • Reaching out to the ceiling
  • This website marks the first online presence for IbKa, it resembles an introduction of the brand to the public. Resulting in a huge brand awareness for IbKa as well as a remarkable expansion of the consumer base of the business through reaching out for more customers.
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