ITO is a German business development consultancy —located in Germany— that was aiming to create an inspiring user-friendly website for their business. Their main objective was having a website that represents the corporate identity and is informative at the same time.
Since our hivers are used to creating presentable outcomes on both national and international levels. They were able to develop and design a website that is aligned with the consultancy’s vision and inspiring tone of voice. Since the consultancy aspires to inspire not only individuals but also organizations and teams. The website as well reflects the identity of the business in addition to it is an informative website that includes different information about the business.
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ITO German business consultancy
  • How Hivers did it
  • The website —both its front and back ends— was developed by using the WordPress platform. Moreover, most of the inner structure was customized to serve the client’s requests and the consultancy’s main goals and objectives. Additionally, Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is the main programming language used in the website. As well as using MySQL database management system.
  • Reaching out to the ceiling
  • The website did only create a huge buzz marking one of our many collaborations with German business. However, it also achieved the main objectives of the client in creating an online platform that could be both informative and inspiring for other corporates.
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