Drive the LEXUS NX wherever you are! LEXUS NX VR app enables the users to test drive the LEXUS NX in a virtual reality 3D world. All the 3D work is proudly Hive’s without competition.
Hive Innovative Group is the hometown of innovative solutions! together with LEXUS ALJ Jeddah, We have created an Augmented reality launch event for the new LEXUX NX in KSA 2015, event visitors were able to learn everything about the new LEXUX NX on site using our designed and developed AR app, every user is also able to take a virtual LEXUX NX home and enjoy the luxury of digital.

Hive won with Lexus KSA a vuforia Vision Award (Developer Choice) for Lexus NX AR app 2015.

  • AR APP
  • Hive Innovative Group
  • Destination
  • KSA
  • YEAR
  • 2016
Lexus logo - Hive Innovative Group - Digital Advertising Agency
LEXUS NX VR - Hive Innovative Group - Advertising Agency
  • The Launch:
  • In the launch of the new LEXUS NX, Hive Advertising showrooms had an AR app – an AR app VUFORIA AWARDS Winner 2015 - as the visitors’ guide that presents all the new NX luxurious compact crossover in a striking experience. A marker scan gives the user the opportunity to explore the new LEXUS NX and learn all about its features through a one of a kind innovative technology that makes everywhere a LEXUS NX showroom.
  • Through The AR app :
  • scanning different markers and through specified car parts markers in the LEXUS NX brochure of its interior and exterior, each part according to the scanned marker is highlighted separately showing all what is needed to be known about that certain part and the rest of the car is shown within the app in x-ray like silhouetted body. The user can also easily interact on so many different levels with the NX car parts; switch the head and tail light on and off, open the hood, door change the car color and a lot more. In addition to the ability to go through a 360 panorama view of the car interiorly and exteriorly wherever you are.
LEXUS NX VR app - Hive Innovative Group - Digital Advertising Agency
LEXUS NX VR app - Hive Innovative Group - Digital Advertising Agency
LEXUS NX VR app - Hive Innovative Group - Digital Agency
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  • Brand
  • Lexus NX
  • Client
  • ALJ Saudi Arabia
  • CG
  • Voxels
  • Hive Innovative Group
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