Monster of Cards

HIVE Innovative Group, breathed life into LikeCard’s captivating Summer campaign titled “Monster of Cards.” The campaign comprises a series of televisual vignettes that highlight the entertaining yet consequential repercussions of missing out on LikeCard’s 60 offers in 60 days.

  • 3D Visualization, Video Installation & Animation
  • Event
  • 60 Offers x 60 Days
  • Destination
  • UAE
  • YEAR
  • 2023

The creative vision for the advertisement was realized by Hive Innovative Group UAE, under the guidance of their Creative Director, Sameh Al Tawil. The project was directed by Abdulrahman Hamad, with Sherif El Hossainy as the Executive Producer and Shahd Harash as the Director Producer. The visual elements were orchestrated by Ahmed Thabet, the DOP, and Rana Tarek, the Art Director, with Abier Ansary handling the styling. The first Assistant Director was Talal Abd ElGhany. Post-production was handled by LZRD, with Mohamed Amir as the Editor and Ahmed El Gendy as the Colorist. Visual Effects were created by VOXELS. The musical score was composed by Ammar, and the sound mix was provided by The Garage with Hosny Ali as the Sound Engineer. The storyboard was created by Diggers. The cast was sourced by the Casting Director, Mostafa Hawary of Aliens. Leap Studios and George William were responsible for the Photography and Image Creation.

  • Client
  • LikeCard UAE
  • Booth Design & Execution
  • Hive Innovative Group UAE
  • Creative Director
  • Sameh El Tawil
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