nutella #citylove – Integrated campaigns

Nutella Germany and AD&VISION GmbH Germany and HIVE Innovative Group UAE partnered to launch a unique  integrated campaign called #citylove in February 2022. The campaign featured 15 of Germany’s most beautiful cities on 750g special edition Nutella jars, giving people a new perspective of Germany through the eyes of Nutella. The jars were designed to show that you can always rediscover your own city and create perspectives that encourage you to explore the world with open eyes. The jars generated a high level of buying interest and each jar was an original souvenir to bring home and give away. The campaign also included an augmented reality feature, where users could upload their own photos and add the required details such as the city and their name, and then submit their Nutella City Love jar for approval. The users’ efforts were celebrated by giving away high-quality, personalised poster prints with the user’s own Nutella City Love jar and name. The main prize at the end of the campaign was 11 breakfast experiences with the Nutella City Love food truck in the user’s own city.
The campaign integrated art, creative storytelling, design, Ui, UX, Ai and augmented reality to let the Consumers reach a new enjoyment level with the beloved Nutella!

  • Creative, 3D Visualization, Social Media Content Creation, Web & Augmented Reality Development
  • Agency
  • AD&VISION GmbH Germany
  • Destination
  • Germany
  • YEAR
  • 2022
  • Client
  • Nutella Germany
  • Agency
  • AD&VISION GmbH Germany
  • 3D Production, AR & Development
  • HIVE Innovative Group UAE
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