Talabat Ramadan Video

Talabat —one of the largest online food ordering platforms— wanted to create social media videos to be posted during Ramadan 2017. The videos should represent the idea that Ramadan is the season when the family gathers around one the table. In addition to, promoting the idea that you can order homemade food through Talabat to be served during Iftar.
Since we were targeting the Gulf region, therefore the videos had to represent the cultural diversity in the Gulf. Our different teams collaborated as one body to deliver different versions of social media videos themed to suit Ramadan season look and feel. The videos included Saudi, Emirati, Asian and African models all gathered on one table in order to target the diversity of the audience of the Gulf. In addition to the diversity of the food that was used to represent different international cuisines.
  • Production
  • Hive Innovative Group
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  • UAE
  • YEAR
  • 2018
Hive Client: Talabat - Hive Innovative Group - Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency
  • Delivering a Full Meal:
  • When you think of video production, Hive should be on top of your mind! Since our Hivers are experts in the video production process. Starting from the creative insightful ideas, to the catchy soundtracks and the storyboard illustrations, reaching to the pre-production phase and ending it with the video shooting and production. This is not everything; moreover, we managed to deliver a high quality outcome in a very tight deadline!
  • Turning the Tables:
  • The aftermath was incredible as we achieved customer satisfaction with the full outcome, regarding the idea as well as the production. Moreover, the video’s soundtrack went viral throughout the social media. Most importantly, these videos have managed to strongly position Talabat in the market and helped the business to stand out among the competitors.
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  • Talabat
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