Teritorry Crossings

The Swiss Cultural Institution(Pro Helvetia Cairo) wanted to create an online cultural platform named Territory Crossingsto support and promote Swiss arts and culture in the Arab region. Their main goal was to promote cultural exchange, develop and nurture long-term partnerships, initiate co-productions and support residencies.
Since our Hivers are skilled in delivering impressive outcomes that are both presentable and innovative, therefore when it came to representing the Swiss culture in an online platform they did it successfully. They created a website with a design that looks and feels like social media platforms tofacilitate online discussions about Swiss arts and culture, in an innovative and engaging way. The website also includes news blog for people to post, comment and give feedback.
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  • 2016
  • How Hivers did it
  • Our hivers created a dynamic website that could be easily managed and controlled by the users to facilitate the inclusion of news, workshops and events’ announcements. Moreover, the fact that the website look and feelwas similar to those of social media platforms, this made it more attractive and engaging to the public. Additionally, we made sure that the website is user-friendly and responsive to suit all the users and make their experience enjoyable.Another privilege for the website is that it discusses different cultural topics including literature, theatre, music and arts. Each six-month period had its own theme for the discussion and workshops from the topics listed before.
  • Reaching out to the ceiling
  • This online platform’s main target was to facilitate cultural exchange between the Swiss and Egyptian public. The website succeeded in connecting and engaging both Egyptian and Swiss public together especially those who are interested in knowing more about the other culture, providing them with a great opportunity to share their ideas and views through a user-friendly platform.
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