Top-Up like a Monster

Get ready to witness the transformation of shopping and gaming Vouchers as we know! LikeCard Cards’ Monster is Back! Brace yourself for a monstrous adventure as we celebrate the month of Ramadan with jaw-dropping deals that turn ordinary users into legendary Saving monsters. We helped Like Card bring  its users  not just huge discounts, but also an experience that will leave them roaring for more!

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  • YEAR
  • 2024

Unleash the Savings: Dive into LikeCard’s Monstrous Ramadan Top-Up Campaign!

Monster’s Top-Up campaign is a fantasy comedy journey starring our Cards’ Monster as we unleash Ramadan Monster-deals. LikeCard, in collaboration with Hive Innovative Group UAE, is redefining the game with colossal and irresistible deals that will have you questioning reality. The more you charge, the less you pay – it’s a monster of an offer you can’t resist!

This Ramadan, LikeCard invites you to become part of the Monster family. Users who grab our Monster Deals will undergo a hilarious transformation into real monsters, just like a nostalgic  Hulk or King Kong! Watch as the monster magic spreads, turning everyone nearby into monsters too. It’s a monstrous celebration of savings and fun!

The LikeCard app sends out exciting notifications about monster deals!
Deals only for MONSTERS! 

Ad Concept:

Immerse yourself in a world where using LikeCard turns you into a saving monster. The Monster Deals campaign is a blend of fantasy, comedy, and savings. The Card Monster, filled with a treasure trove of cards boasting various offers, takes center stage. As users accept the offers, they undergo a hilarious transformation into monsters, creating a chain reaction of laughter and savings.

The psychology behind the ad is simple – the feeling of becoming a monster is associated with the satisfaction of scoring incredible deals. Like Card becomes a game-changer, making gaming and shopping more exciting and accessible in the market. The ad brilliantly combines humor, fantasy, and irresistible offers, leaving users eager to join the Monster family.

Join us in celebrating a campaign that not only transforms your idea of savings but turns the act of shopping and gaming into a monstrous delight this Ramadan. Become a deal-snatching monster with LikeCard – Where the monster deals await.


LikeCard & Hive Innovative Group celebrate the creative synergy that has brought the Monster Deals campaign to life.

Strategy crafted by Badr Nour. Creativity Agency and production house: Hive Innovative Group Dubai. Storytelling by Creative Director, Sameh Al Tawil. Directed by Abdulrahman Hamad. Executive Production by Sherif El Hossiny. Director’s Producer: Shahd Harash DOP: Mohamed Hamzoon Producer: Tamer ElHusseiny. Line producer: Ahmed Alsayed – Head of Production: Hassan El Ebrashy Production designer: Mark Wagih Freefly Operator: koiman Focus Puller: Mohab Stylist: Abier Ansary  1st A D Talal Abd Elghany 2nd A D habiba Elsherbiny – Marwan Nabil Training  Dana Elkashef, Logain Elengbawy Art directors: Mohamed Abdellah, Neven nagy Art director assistants: Abdullah shams, Silvana Nashaat Prop master: Ali El Zahar Gaffer: Ali -Eshta Sound Engineer: Ziad Ezzat Video Assist: Ahmed NAsr Abdalrhman Production manager: Shady Alaa 

Production Team: Mohamed otna, Saad Rady,  Yousef Tarek, Galal Saber, Shokry, Radana, Moustafa alaa, Hassan saber Post-Production & VFX: Whales Pictures Post Producer: Omar Reda Editor & Sound Design: Mohamed Adel Shaaban Sound Mix & Master: Madeeh Ibrahim VFX Supervisor: Mohamed Mohssen Animation Supervisor: Fayez Bokai TD: Ahmed Naaem Grooming Artist: Samah Ibrahim

Compositing: Ahmed Ibrahim Texture Artist: Mohsen Bakr Storyboard: Badr Mohammed Copywriting: Ammarrap Color Grading: Ahmed El Gendy Graphic design: Ahmed Abdala Casting: Prova Casting Agency- Emad Adel Wardrobe: Refaat Abd Haleem Stunt Coordinator: Essam Elwareeth, Ahmed Ashraf, Eslam Ashraf  Makeup: Moustafa Ebrahem  Hair Stylist: Belal Mohamed  Costumes: Ayman Fokeh Photography: Omar Shash Voice Over: Omar Osama Behind the Scenes: Mohamed Nashaat

  • Client
  • LikeCard UAE
  • Ad Creative
  • Hive Innovative Group UAE
  • Creative Director
  • Sameh El Tawil
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