Uber Eats Cairo Relaunch

Speed and high restaurant variety are Uber Eats’ competitive edge. Accordingly, they wanted a social media campaign through which they can gain top of mind by communicating Uber Eats as the fastest most reliable way to get food delivered.
Since the main message was SPEED! Our Hivers succeeded in crafting two versions of a social media video that highlights the Uber Eats 35 minutes challenge and speed factor in every aspect of the video. Starting from the video song that was performed by a rapper, the upbeat and enthusiastic tone in the music used, and the concept of speed was visually expressed by implementing symbols of speed in the video, like a graffiti horse and a stopwatch.
  • Production
  • Uber Eats
  • Destination
  • Cairo
  • YEAR
  • 2019
Uber Eats KSA Campaigns
  • The technology used
  • We came up with a unique storytelling platform (split screens) which helped us tell more than one story simultaneously: the chef preparing the order, the courier’s journey and the customer waiting for the order.
  • The aftermath:
  • Our campaign more than satisfied our client, creating a huge fuss and delivering the desired awareness and engagement.
Get into the project and watch some snaps
  • Brand
  • Uber Eats
  • Client
  • Uber Eats
  • CG
  • Hive Innovative Group
  • Creative Development
  • Hive Innovative Group
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