Social media is no longer just a trendy marketing medium, nowadays it became an essential one. Today’s consumers turn to social media to find brands they can trust, look for user testimonials, examples of exceptional customer service and more. Therefore, advertising on social media nowadays has become a favorite for many businesses as it provides both an easy way to connect with your audience as well as a more personal relation with customers. However, as any new technology, social media platforms keep developing and updating to the extent that reaching out became more difficult. You are probably asking what you need to be aware of when preparing to advertise your business on social media platforms in the coming year! Therefore, the below article will guide you through the six main social media strategies and trends that you need to include in your social media marketing plan for the coming year to reach more customers and enhance your connection with your current customers.



Social media platforms keep introducing new updates to grab the attention of the audience. Live streaming is one of these new features and technically, it is becoming the new video. When you do anything live, it allows your audience to interact and engage more with your business and you can see their feedback as well instantly. Authenticity and people who are relatable are the ones you find succeeds. As for the stories, it all came up when snap chat started to implement this feature that lasted only for 24 hours, and then was adopted by Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. There is no sign of stories stopping its rise, so it is best to start incorporating it into your strategy if it is not there already!



Another important tip to use: keep your messages authentic. The best way to succeed is to be personal and real. This is what the consumer base is all about nowadays. Customers appreciate the customized and personal messages that make them feel attached to a certain brand. Moreover, they love being able to instantly connect with their favorite brands, and that their feedback matters. As a brand or business, you should try this method out! Create and maintain advertising messages that are personalized and contain customized texts through social media, email, SMS and other types of online marketing.



Today, messenger marketing is the new email marketing. Millions of users now use Facebook messenger daily. Therefore, smart brands are taking full advantage of it. They realize that Facebook messenger is a great tool to use when connecting with existing and future customers. Moreover, Chatbots are quite handy; they give customers the opportunity to get answers and quick interactions, which feels very personal. Accordingly, if you do not have them already, the coming year might be the year to test Chatbots for your business. Test it out and figure if it is right for you and your business!



Interactive content is always an essential aspect that marketers should consider while creating social media marketing plans. Instead of just giving information to your customers, invite them into an experience. Interactive quizzes have taken the marketing world to a completely new level, and software tools like tests and quizzes that entertain and engage the audience. Moreover, quiz generators have made it easier for marketers to execute quizzes across their social channels.



Speaking about interesting content, the biggest misunderstanding about consumers is that they only engage with short and concise content. However, the truth is that they would always engage with what is interesting and catchy to them, no matter how long it is. Scientific evidence is proving that long-form content drives conversion and search engine optimization when done right. More brands and influencers will get into it as a way to tell their impactful stories.



It is expected that people will spend less time posting publicly and more time in group-chats. Therefore, brands should seek to be a part of these conversations by creating and growing groups built in parallel to their brand. This would make the customers feel more attached to the brand as well as it will be the right place where brands can share inside jokes and stories and connect with smaller, dedicated groups of their loyal customers rather than trying to reach everyone.



It is definitely interesting to take a guess at what would social media bring us next year. The coming year will only bring more new, interesting features that hopefully will drive the social conversation forward for brands. Moreover, the trust relationship between brands and consumers will continue to grow through social media platforms. By using private groups, transparency reports and employees as influencers.


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