It is known that marketing is an essential tool for any business development. We all know this fact. However, the fact that marketing includes a lot more than what is seen to the eyes is not common. Marketing is not just about promoting your business and the services that you offer in an attractive way but it is the knowledge that enables you to target the minds of your customers and potential customers effectively. Marketing (whether it is traditional marketing or digital marketing) brings amazing benefits to the business and has a direct impact on the sales and growth of the business.

Moreover, given the fact that technology is taking over our lives recently. Therefore, digital marketing or using technology in the marketing field has become a must and the only way to make your business stand out among your competitors. Here we have listed five technologies that could transform the marketing field in the coming year.



Well, no matter what your business is, using social media as a marketing tool could massively help you grow your brand. When digital marketing started to take over traditional marketing tools the first thing that marketers did hit was social media platforms and this is still being used. Social media platforms have made companies able to run multiple campaigns all at once with low costs. This technological update has increased the reach and accessibility of the marketers. Therefore having social media marketing nowadays has become the most essential way to transform your business marketing.



The term artificial intelligence refers to making the computer do everything that a human is capable of doing. Imagine this technology used in marketing, it simply implies taking the right decision at the right time in the right places. This is what artificial intelligence could be able to bring. Therefore, it is expected that marketing decisions would be taken more efficiently while making the contemplations on the artificial intelligence. The machine learning and deep learning to extract the best possible options for marketing is what we expect from this transformative technology.



Nowadays the terms bots and chatbots have spread widely all over the internet users. Chatbots are another essential technology that could be used effectively while promoting for your business. In fact, it is a transformative technology enables you to create a direct contact with your customers by answering their questions and concerns immediately. Accordingly, it makes marketing more personalized and customized by programming the chatbots in accordance with the needs of the customers. Moreover, it results in customer satisfaction and makes their experience of customer service increased along with marketing for your brand. This technology could also be used further as it brings enormous benefits for your business.



Augmented reality, virtual and mixed realities are the most famous technologies in recent times. These technologies could be highly beneficial when used for marketing purposes. In terms of marketing, business owners could benefit from these technologies by giving the customers a real experience about what they could buy or what they are being offered. This influences the customers directly along the buying decision by giving them the chance to experience the product before buying it. In addition to making the customer attracted to your marketing channels/platforms and eventually be attached to your brand.



First, lets us go through what is cross-platform engagement. Cross-platform refers to connecting two or more platforms with each other through different ideas. Back in the days of traditional marketing, it was probably not possible to get this done. However, since technology keeps updating every day, it has been proven that businesses could make the contemplations on getting the benefits in the field of marketing by cross-platform engagement. Nowadays, social media platforms could be connected, eventually one platform could drive the customer to another platform. Resulting in the engagement of the customer with all your online platforms and accordingly they become more attached to your business. One of the basic examples of the same is SEO where just using a keyword could direct people to the home page from an external site or even the internal pages could be connected to each other through this. This makes the customers to be taken to a specific place as the marketers want; bringing enormous benefits to the table for the marketers.



There is no doubt that we are living in the era of technology and digitalization. Therefore, keeping technology aside or not depending on technology in your own business is almost impossible. Technology has become a necessary element in every field, especially when it comes to marketing. From the above it is concluded that whenever technology is used, businesses will continue to grow massively. However, the technologies that are mentioned above are not only essential but also they have turned the entire field around and it could be said that these transformative technologies are going to change the field more in the upcoming times.

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